Canada’s top city to make a real estate property investment in

When a real estate investor thinks of making a new investment he needs to know how promising the project or place seems to be. He should invest in first phase of projects like M City Rogers launching early next year. It got great traction from main stream media like Toronto Star and Globe and Mail. Studies have shown that Thunder Bay, located at the north off Ontario has been a promising candidate for real estate investments. Although it is a very small city with a population of around 100000 people, but it has shown appreciation in the property rates faster than any other city in Canada. This is a very attractive opportunity for investors who might be interested in buying an income property.

Thunder Bay once used to be a small town that used to serve as a passing by stop for trucks and trains. In recent years this city has expanded enormously and has developed as a knowledge economy centre and providing jobs in the medical and educational sectors. The city’s job market is said to be flourishing too with largest employers being Lake Head School and university and regional health science centre.

The residents of this city are found to have exceptional buying powers. The average household income is around 81000 dollars and an average home costs around 216000 dollars which is quite affordable. This is a little over than two and a half times the average household income. This home cost is nothing as compared to Toronto where it is six times the income and Vancouver where it is nine times the income.

Thunder Bay is also a great place for income returns. Study shows that the rental rates of the city have risen by 22% in the past five years. A big reason for this increase in rental rates is the number of students moving to this city for studying in Ontario school of medicine. When the ratios between rent and mortgage were compared, it was obvious that the average rent would easily cover the monthly mortgage expenses and would promise a positive cash flow to the investor. In Vancouver, the rent is only able to pay a third part of the mortgage. This proves Thunder Bay to be a heaven for people who want to invest in real estate for gaining good profits.

Detailed study showed Ontario was the most popular region with the real investors as four of the five top cities belonged to Ontario. Hamilton, Brantford, Guelph and Vancouver were beaten by Thunder Bay in the top-five list.

Changing lending Turf and real estate

Lending is one industry that never disappoints. It may see some dark days but it promises a bright future always. If you plan to invest your hard earned money, Lending is the best choice. One the other side real estate investing, If a property is purchased wisely, it will definitely yield huge profits. All you need is to know the right timings and to know the right strings to play. A shrewd property dealer always finds the best deal and knows the right time to capitalize it. Axis Condos in Downtown Toronto is one such project.

In the busy life of today, many of us do not find it easy to keep a check on the real estate market. In addition to this, it is not easy for everyone to buy a house or property solely relying on the savings. For all this hassle, mortgage is the only answer. It is now becoming a choice of many. People are buying property on mortgage basis. This makes them able to purchase their dream property at the cost of a fixed monthly payment.

Mortgage brokers

There were times when only rich people could afford to hire or approach a broker for their property dealings. With the onset of property bloom and introduction of many customer friendly forums through internet, mortgage brokers are also becoming very common.

A mortgage broker can either work independently or under a firm. There are complete firms explicitly for this purpose. When a buyer contacts a mortgage broker for a loan, that broker takes the complete list of requirements and tries to find the best match for the client. He looks at the different offers and plans offered by banks and lenders. He then negotiates a deal for his client and carries on all the legal work that might be required. For a person who doesn’t know much about the mortgage and real estate market, finding out the right plan might be quite tiresome. These mortgage brokers search the complete market and come up with the right choice. Sometimes these loan plans have some hidden catches. These brokers are well aware of all such catches and know how to play around them. They are a centre of information for people who have no or little knowledge about loans and mortgages.

These mortgage brokers earn their commissions as a price fixed for each deal by the lenders. This means they may lead you to the deals that might yield them the maximum profit. One needs to be cautious in this regard.

Confidentiality in Real Estates

There is another name for contract and that is Listing Agreement. This is an agreement between the title holder and a duly licensed real estate firm over an interest of land. In this letter of agreement the firm agrees to find the buyer within a specified time and who is willing to purchase the land as shown by the agent.

Now a real estate council has been formed to look into any discrepancies that arise in the case of breach of trust between the title holder and the real estate firm agent. In a recent case the council scolded a real estate firm and two licensees for breaching a duty of confidentiality. In this case it was seen that for over two years the subject property was listed for sale. It was also seen that the price of the property was reduced on two occasions during the term of the Listing agreement. Finally the listing expired and the agreed property was not sold. As the listing expired the listing entered into three separate fee agreements with the real estate firm. The firm was identified as Buyer’s agent as on all three occasions the seller disallowed agency representation. Hence a lawsuit was started on the seller.A  Listing agreement is a letter which as per the law is an implied covenant of fair dealing and completed in good faith. The covenant that is agreed upon between the title holder and the agent is that both will deal with each other fairly and they will not do anything to break their word and they will not cause any damage or otherwise break their mutual and respective contract. A break in the contract can lead to rise in liability to both and depending on the circumstances the end should be well.Due to the nature of the Listing agreement, the courts have ruled out any intervention in case of breach of trust as this is a letter of agreement signed between the title holder and the agent.

The lawyer acting on behalf of the title holder requested the agent to provide affidavits containing information about listing of the firm. The lawyer was very firm in his request that is the agent did not provide the affidavits then he would obtain a court order and compel the firm to give such evidence. The real estate firm in this case found that he had no other alternative but to provide the affidavits. The seller filed a complaint with the Council due to the final and forceful result. In the complaint the seller maintained that the information in the affidavit was confidential. It was very clear that the firm had breached the duty of confidentiality according to the seller. As a result the affidavit was not used in the court proceedings. The agent on the other hand stated that the duty of confidentiality ended with the expiry of the Listing agreement. The council ruled that both the agent and the two licensees had broken the duty. This is just a synopsis that seems to be taken by the council in this matter.…

What it takes to launch a car rental business

housing-market-safetyBusinesses are hard to do these days. If you are willing to launch your own business, you should get complete understanding regarding the business and you have to make it huge so that you can get maximum revenue. You should also have perfect knowledge concerning the business including all the brokerage deals that accounts a great amount of money to be invested before you launch your business. The main objective of business is making the sellers in contact with the buyers and making a purchase. There are few other things that you must take care so as to launch the business successfully:

  • Capital: Just like you have seen in establishing any kind of business, Budget car business also needs a big capital for the launch. If you have a considerable sum of money to launch the car rental, you can establish the whole set up properly without any issue. You need to have a big capital as well as the working capital to launch the smooth business. Even if you don’t have money, you can take loans from any bank or you can borrow so as to start the business.Happy Young Couple Buying New Home With Real Estate Agent
  • Know the type of business: Car rental businesses are of different types. It can be luxury, commercial, national as well as permanent shuttle kind of business and it can also be a combination of all of them. You need to make a proper list of every contact that you know so that they can help you further in getting huge business. The more people you know, the more it is easy for you to set up huge foot for the business.
  • real-estate-liscenseYou need to have complete license about the business so that you can run the business legally as per the given norms and regulations. It should be certified by the government as per the country in which you live. The needs are going to make a difference and this will be dependent on the country and the state that you live because every country has different norms regarding the licensing.images
  • Keep a location ready for your business: This has to be a location where you are going to make a big impression in the market. Make sure that you have set up the place in the main market that has crowd around so that people can notice regarding your services.


  • designs_ihouseweb_bannerMake a website: This is also important in launching any business. Website gives you a word wide access and people can connect with you easily when you have a website ready to contact you directly.